SOLAR OFFSET is a platform that allows the owners of small-scale solar panel and wind power systems to get paid for the greenhouse gas emission reductions they are making.​​

Creating carbon offset credits is complex and costly.

SOLAR OFFSET changes this.


We bring together producers of clean energy - solar and wind power - in an aggregated project to create economies of scale.


We provide all the expertise needed to turn your clean energy into verified carbon offsets so you can earn income from Alberta's carbon market. 


One carbon offset (or offset credit) represents one tonne of CO2 emissions reduction. 


When a clean energy system - such as a solar panel or wind turbine - avoids one tonne of CO2 production, it can create a carbon offset credit.


That credit can then be sold to facilities that need to meet Government emission reduction requirements.

The Alberta government requires rigorous data collection, calculation, storage, reporting, and independent auditing to international standards to create offset credits.


This process ensures that the greenhouse gas emission reductions are real. 


Alberta's provincial government legally requires large industry to reduce their emissions. 


However, for some industries, achieving this target is challenging due to the nature of their operations - and that's where carbon offset credits come in.

Companies that cannot reduce their own emissions can choose to instead purchase carbon credits to meet their obligations.

As such, a thriving carbon market has developed in Alberta, with tens of millions of offset credits created and sold since it was established.

SOLAR OFFSET turns your clean energy into verified carbon offsets and sells them in this market, returning income to you, the system owner.