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Be a part of the Alberta carbon offset market.

Get more for your clean energy.


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Tens of millions of tonnes of carbon offsets have been sold in Alberta. But creating carbon credits is a rigorous process involving complex regulations, making it too difficult and expensive for individual homeowners, farmers, businesses, school boards or municipalities to do alone.

SOLAR OFFSET brings together individual solar and wind system owners to access the Alberta carbon market.

We handle the carbon credit creation and selling - you get a cheque in the post every year for 10 years.

SOLAR OFFSET are experts in this space.  We've worked in Alberta's carbon markets since they were first set up in 2007. 

We are a locally owned and operated company and we give back 10% of our profits each year to renewables training initiatives for our community.


Find out how much your solar or wind power system could make by using our carbon credit calculator.

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