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Carbon Credit Company
Carbon Credits for Solar and Wind Power

Earn money from clean energy – solar and wind power – generation. Sign up to take advantage of the Alberta carbon credit market. Get paid to reduce carbon emissions!

Project Pool "Helios" is now accepting applications!


How many carbon credits can you earn? Find out with our carbon credit calculator.

About Solar Offset

Companies earn carbon credits by cutting emissions below a threshold, producing excess renewable energy, or investing in carbon storage (e.g., planting trees). 


You can sell these carbon credits to other companies to offset their carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting is a clever system to reduce emissions and earn clean energy producers money.

But until now, it's been off-limits to small-scale solar and wind power owners, like homeowners, farmers, businesses, school boards, or municipalities.


That's where SOLAR OFFSET comes in.


We're a carbon credit company that unites individual solar panel and wind power owners together to reap the same benefits the big companies have for years. How? Because creating carbon credits is a rigorous process involving complex regulations. We handle the carbon credit creation and selling, leaving you to focus on producing power.


The result is a simple collaborative carbon credit company earning small-scale sellers money across Alberta. Discover how much your solar or wind power system could make using our carbon credit calculatorSign up for our service today! 

Carbon Credit Company in Alberta

Generate clean energy, save the planet, and earn money with our carbon credit company. Alberta home owners, companies, and farmers - large and small - have been getting paid to reduce carbon emissions since 2007. Trust Solar Offset to earn your carbon credits.