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Be a part of the Alberta Carbon Offset Market.
Get more for your clean energy.

Solar Offset is a platform that allows the owners of small-scale solar and wind energy systems to get paid for the greenhouse gas emission reductions they are making.​​


Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition by making solar energy more affordable for all Albertans. We do this by creating an additional, passive income stream from carbon offset credits for solar and wind energy system owners.

Tens of millions of tonnes of carbon offset credits have been sold in Alberta; however, creating carbon offset credits is a rigorous and costly process, making it inaccessible for individual homeowners, farmers, businesses, school boards, or municipalities to do alone. Solar Offset enables small-scale producers to participate in and benefit from Alberta's well established carbon market.

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Solar Offset brings together individual solar and wind system owners to access the Alberta carbon market.

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Solar Offset are experts in this space.  We've worked in Alberta's carbon markets since they were first set up.

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Solar Offset handles the carbon offset credit creation and sales; solar PV system owners get a cheque every year for up to 10 years.

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Solar Offset is locally owned and operated company and we donate a portion of our profits each year to renewables training initiatives for our community.

To best understand the process and benefits of joining Solar Offset, we strongly recommend attending one of our monthly webinars. These 45-minute webinars offer a comprehensive explanation of Solar Offset's service offering and ample time to discuss any questions. To register for a free webinar or sign up for Solar Offset, click below:

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