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Solar Offset is locally owned and operated by a team of Albertans dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition by making solar energy more affordable for all Albertans. We do this by creating an additional, passive income stream from carbon offset credits for solar and wind energy system owners.


Rowley Brown

Born and raised under the sunny skies of Australia, Rowley’s early career led him around the world before settling in Canada in 2009. Rowley accumulated 16 years of project management experience prior to joining Solar Offset, holding engineering and leadership roles in the oil & gas industry. Rowley has been working in greenhouse gas emissions quantification, verification, and carbon markets since 2020, and has built a track record of leading successful emission reduction and carbon offset projects. Rowley brings to Solar Offset a passion for sustainable building technologies and innovative solutions for meeting our energy needs.

Vincent Deleo

In 2018, disenchanted with his career as a Red Seal welder in oil and gas construction and led by a desire to make a positive impact on climate change, Vincent decided to pursue his Diploma in Alternative Energy Technology. Throughout and following his studies, Vinny gained technical competency in solar, wind, and other renewable energy technologies. This knowledge and his keen interest in pioneering climate change mitigation work led Vinny to join Solar Offset.

When not out adventuring through the Canadian Rockies or around the globe, Vinny assumes his true identity as a homebody and a new father: wandering the dog park with his family, practicing the drums for an upcoming gig, or conceptualizing the worst possible puns for his growing collection. Vinny believes that this Earth has and continues to serve as a tremendous playground, making it a privilege to do work that will maintain the same delight for his son to enjoy as he ages. 

Katelyn Oldale

Following the 2012 completion of her BSc in Geology, Katelyn worked in the oil and gas sector for a short time before pursuing more environmentally focused opportunities. In the near-decade since the transition, Katelyn has engaged in many aspects of climate change mitigation, with a primary focus on renewable energy projects. In 2022, Katelyn brought her expertise and enthusiasm for emissions reduction and carbon markets to the Solar Offset team.


Born and raised in Calgary and having spent most of her summers along the East coast, Katelyn has a deep appreciation of the world around her. She is an avid wine collector, tennis player, and dog lover—a rewarding lifestyle that she hopes to conserve and share through her ongoing personal and professional contributions to environmental preservation.


Solar Offset is proud to work with the following companies to make solar energy an easier and more affordable decision for all Albertans:

Solar Panels
Electricity Retailers
Solar PV and/or Wind Installers
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