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Solar Panels


Our mission at Solar Offset is to accelerate the energy transition by making solar a more affordable, easier decision for ordinary Albertans.


We do this by creating an additional, passive income stream from carbon offset credits for solar PV and wind system owners.

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SOLAR OFFSET is locally owned and operated by a team of Albertans dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Using our knowledge of renewable energy and carbon markets, we want to help Alberta's homeowners, farmers, small businesses, school boards, and municipalities earn money for their carbon emissions reductions.

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We are experts in carbon offsets.  We have worked in Alberta's carbon markets since they were first established in 2007 and have created and verified millions of tonnes of clean energy credits from wind, solar, biomass and other projects.

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We want to grow the clean energy industry in Alberta and are committed to a low carbon future. We set aside 10% of our profits each year for our 'SOLAR TORCH' program. SOLAR TORCH "passes on" the benefits of clean energy by supporting local training for workers transitioning into the clean energy sector. 

Sunset on Solar Panels


Fiona has a 22-year track record of delivering sustainable growth in professional services companies, holding positions of increasing fiscal responsibility from Vice President of Fortune 500 and international companies, up to COO and CEO positions for start-up and scale-up companies across Alberta.


She has managed customer relationships that represent over $4 billion in capital investment, and her work has been focused on ensuring delivery of commitments and results to customers across international markets including energy, renewables, technology and innovation.


Fiona Harris
Commercial Lead

Graham has worked in the Alberta carbon market since it was first established in 2007 and has quantified or verified millions of tonnes of carbon offsets in that time, including from several utility-scale wind power projects.  Graham is an expert in this space and has taught CSA courses on ISO 14064 and been engaged by the Government of Alberta to re-write GHG protocols and assess dozens of GHG emission reduction grant applications. He has also provided expertise to large solar farm developers and investors to understand how they can benefit from the Alberta carbon market.


Graham Harris

Project Lead

We've seen large Alberta companies getting paid to reduce carbon emissions since 2007. It's a fantastic success story for the province. But climate change affects everyone, and if we want to make an impact, everyone – from homeowners to large corporations – will need to embrace renewable energy.


While the benefits of installing a renewable system are clear – lower energy bills and a small carbon footprint – we know it can be even better. By creating carbon offset credits, small-scale renewable energy producers can earn even more money as they reduce  carbon emissions, making renewable energy a more affordable choice. It's a win-win situation.

There's just one problem: creating carbon offset credits requires significant bureaucratic time and effort. It's simply not worth it for small-scale producers. That's where SOLAR OFFSET comes in.

Combining our expertise in carbon markets and software development, we have developed SOLAR OFFSET as a way to boost the payback on clean energy micro-generation systems in the province. We're convinced that with help, we can encourage Albertans to "catch the wind" or "soak up the rays".

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