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Increased financial benefits from micro-generation tariffs

Micro-generation solar tariffs enable solar photovoltaic system owners in Alberta to select and switch between high and low electricity export rates, penalty-free. Rates vary by provider, approximating $0.30/kWh and $0.12/kWh at the time of this post.

Using a high export rate is beneficial when a system is exporting excess electricity to the grid; a low rate is beneficial when a system is importing electricity. Consider how electricity consumption and production fluctuate seasonally:

Typically, electricity consumption decreases and production increases in the warmer season. During this time, a system may generate excess electricity, which can be exported to the grid. Selecting a higher rate at this time would earn the system owner a higher payout for their exported electricity. Inversely, when electricity consumption increases and production decreases in the colder season, imported electricity may be required to supplement a system’s generation. Selecting a lower rate at this time would mean paying less for the imported electricity.

To access these rates, a system owner must join a program like Utility Net’s Solar Club, which is available through most of our partners. As these rates are tariff-based, programs like Solar Club do not claim the emission reductions from your clean energy system. This means you can benefit from both Solar Club and Solar Offset at the same time!

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