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Learn more about Solar Offset - attend a webinar!

If you have or are thinking of installing solar panels in Alberta, we want to help you improve your system’s payback. Solar Offset can help you create and get paid for up to 10-years of carbon offset credits from your system.

Solar Offset is a family-owned, Alberta-based business and its founders have been working in the Alberta carbon market since 2007. To learn more, sign up to one of our free Solar Offset information sessions to hear about the program, how it works, what you can earn, and how to join!

Each session - with our Project Lead, Graham - lasts only 15 mins, with additional time for your questions to be answered, and covers:

  • Why is there a carbon market in Alberta?

  • How are offset credits created?

  • What is Solar Offset?

  • Who is/not eligible?

  • How much $ will you make?

  • How do you sign up?

We host these webinars regularly, and you can sign up to attend one of these via Eventbrite by clicking on the link below.

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