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Solar Offset Gives Back - Supporting the Energy Transition

Solar Offset aggregates small-scale renewable energy systems to create carbon credits and return value to system owners. We’ve worked in the Alberta carbon markets since their inception in 2007. Now, we’re using our knowledge to help Albertans access the carbon markets and achieve a faster payback of their renewable energy system.

We’re passionate about supporting and creating economic benefit for all who invest in renewable power generation, including homeowners, farmers, businesses and many others. We’re also passionate about doing our part to support energy transition activities in the province. So, we were delighted to see the recent Calgary Herald article ‘What does the transition to renewable energy mean for Alberta’s skilled workers?’.

The article notes that the province already has the workforce to deliver renewable energy projects. And, Bill Ferreira, executive director of construction labour market information provider BuildForce Canada, is quoted saying that “anyone currently involved in construction has skills that will be in high demand as investment increases in green and renewable energy projects”.

We couldn’t agree more and are excited that a core element of our work is to provide social benefit from the carbon offset credits that we create and sell. We invest 10% of our annual profits in our 'SOLAR TORCH' program. The money goes to support training for workers transitioning into clean energy. We want to help individuals become part of the solar industry, from solar PV installation to panel repair.

We want to grow the industry, and help everyone contribute to and benefit a clean energy future.

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