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Can you join Solar Offset and Solar Club?

One of the questions we often get is can a system owner join Solar Offset to create carbon offset credits AND still join Solar Club to get paid the best rate for their exports of electricity?

Solar Offset offers the owners of Alberta-based, grid-tied solar panel arrays of less than 5 MW in size an opportunity to join in creating and selling offset credits in the Alberta carbon market, creating a new stream of income from their clean energy investment.

Solar Club is a unique electricity rate that has been designed to benefit solar micro-generators that are generating excess electricity during the summer. It offers a special high-rate tariff that ensures micro-generators get paid a reasonable price for any surplus electricity they produce and export onto the grid. Members have the ability to switch between a high export rate and a low export rate, with no penalties, depending on the time of year and how much electricity they are importing and exporting.

The great news for solar PV system owners is that these two programs are complementary! Because Solar Club is a tariff, and makes no claim over the emissions reductions from your clean energy generation, there is no conflict between Solar Offset and Solar Club.

So YES, you can sign up for BOTH!

As both programs offer a way to make more from your decision to go solar, this is great news for improving the payback on your photovoltaic panels. To sign up for Solar Offset, click here. To sign up for Solar Club, check out our Partner utility companies, who you can find here.

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