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Solar Offset and UtilityNet announce carbon credit partnership in Alberta

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

ALBERTA, CA, JUNE 1, 2022 -- Solar Offset, an aggregator and carbon credit company in Alberta, Canada, and Utility Network & Partners Inc. (“UTILITYnet”) a retailer of electricity, natural gas, and Internet services, are proud to announce a partnership to bring a market-based carbon offset credit program to small-scale renewable energy producers across Alberta.

Graham Harris, co-founder of Solar Offset said: “This partnership with UTILITYnet helps us expand our carbon offset credit program to a large number of Albertans. Our program improves affordability of and access to solar power, by providing additional financial payback on small-scale solar systems. This partnership is accelerating our growth and our ability to give back to Albertans”.

Our partnership with Solar Offset will provide solar microgenerators with yet another benefit to taking on the challenge of climate change through renewable energy,” said Darren Chu, Program Development Manager at UTILITYnet. “This Carbon Offset Credit Platform, offered through our Solar Club, is just one of the many ways we are seeking to help microgenerators improve the ROI on their systems. Solar customers signed up through any of our 26 Energy Marketers are continuing to show both that they care about the path to net-zero, and that Albertans are committed to taking action to address climate change.”

When asked about the impact of this partnership, Graham Harris says, “Small-scale producers cannot access the carbon markets alone, so they get no financial reward for their emission reductions. Now they can join our program and we’ll create carbon offsets, and return to them the best price for their carbon credits”.

About Solar Offset

Solar Offset was established by a small group of Albertans dedicated to accelerating the energy transition, and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using their knowledge of renewable energy and carbon markets, they want to help Alberta's homeowners, farmers, small businesses, school boards, and municipalities earn money for their carbon emissions reductions.

To learn more about Solar Offset and how their program can earn for you, take a look at their carbon credit calculator and visit their website today.

About UTILITYnet

Founded in 1978, UTILITYnet provides energy management and technology solutions to Alberta’s Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Consumer Retail Service industries. Leveraging our technology platform, we created an innovative cloud-based Retail Business Network and today we are offering electricity, natural gas, green energy, solar, high-speed Internet, and portable WiFi services to customers in over 400 communities across Alberta.

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