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Solar Offset to register "Project Helios" on November 1, 2022

After launching this summer, we are thrilled to say that we will be registering our first carbon offset aggregation pool for small-scale solar on November 1, 2022.

"Project Helios" (named after the Greek god of the sun) will bring together homeowners, business owners, farmers and other Albertans who have installed solar PV systems <5MW in size and will allow them all to start generating additional income from their clean energy - for the next 10 years!

System owners who join Project Helios benefit from our locked-in Electricity Grid Displacement Factor, or EGDF. The EGDF is the Government-mandated rate at which your clean energy 'converts' into emission offsets and is adjusted periodically downwards by the province as the Alberta electricity grid gets greener. For any project, the EGDF is locked for the duration of a project based on the date on which it registers. In other words, projects that register after the 2022 calendar year is over will get a lower EGDF than system owners who are a part of Project Helios.

As we pay our system owners a % of the sales price, Project Helios participants will also benefit from the expected rise in the price of carbon.

To check if you are eligible and to get an estimate of your potential returns, simply complete our easy form at If you join Solar Offset before November 1, 2022, you will benefit from a full 10 years of carbon offset creation; if your system isn't yet operational, don't worry - you can sign up once it is and still benefit from the remainder of the 10-year period!

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