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Clean Energy AND Clean Hands!... Solar Offset welcomes CleanO2 as a partner

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Calgary-based carbon capture company, CleanO2. CleanO2 manufactures the world's first carbon-capture soap! Their CarbinXTM technology attaches to natural gas heating appliances in commercial buildings, capturing the CO2 from the flue gas and turning it into potassium carbonate, which they then use to create soap. Genius!

Our mission at Solar Offset is to accelerate the energy transition by making solar a more affordable, easier decision for ordinary Albertans. We do this by creating an additional, passive income stream for solar PV system owners from carbon offset credits.

CleanO2 is a natural fit for us a partner. We are both Alberta-based companies that are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and being part of the climate change solution.

Courtesy of CleanO2, participants in our Solar Offset program will receive a welcome gift in the form of a discount code, redeemable in their online store.

You can learn more about CleanO2 from their website, and can sign up for Solar Offset here.

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