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SOLAR OFFSET registers “Project Helios” carbon offset project for microgeneration solar and wind

ALBERTA, CA, NOVEMBER 1, 2022 – Solar Offset Limited (“Solar Offset”), a carbon offset project developer in Alberta, Canada, is pleased to announce that its first carbon offset aggregation pool for distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) panel and wind power projects – Project Helios – has been submitted to the Alberta Emission Offset Registry (“AEOR”).

Graham Harris, co-founder and project lead for Solar Offset, said “We’re excited to have submitted Project Helios to the Registry and for all our members to start generating carbon offsets. For the next ten years, the extra income that Project Helios generates for our members will help to improve the economics of their solar panels or wind power systems. Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition by making clean energy a more affordable, easier decision for ordinary Albertans, and the carbon offset revenue that Project Helios returns to our members will do just that.”

Project Helios continues to accept new members and interested system owners can sign up to take part at

About Solar Offset

Solar Offset was established by a small group of Albertans dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using their knowledge of renewable energy and carbon markets, they want to help Alberta's homeowners, farmers, small businesses, school boards, and municipalities earn money for their carbon emissions reductions and improve the payback on investing in solar or wind power.

Media Contact Information

Graham Harris, Co-Founder

+1 (587) 327 9151


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