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Alberta confirms a rising carbon price to 2030

Owners of micro-generation solar PV systems in Alberta have another reason to smile, as of this week: the Government of Alberta has published the TIER Amendment Regulation, extending the industrial carbon management framework in the province to the end of 2030.

This means regulated industrial sites will continue to face a requirement to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions - or, if they can't, to purchase credits, such as offset credits.

This is great news for owners of micro-generation renewable energy systems in the province as it means the market demand for high quality offset credits is guaranteed to remain in place to the end of the decade.

The Alberta Government also issued an email confirming that it will shortly be publishing a Ministerial Order that will confirm the carbon price will increase from $50 to $65 next year - and then by $15/yr every year until it hits $170/tonne by 2030 - as illustrated in the graph below from Firefly GHG Consulting.

This is great news for the hundreds of system owners who have already joined Solar Offset - as we sell the credits into the market and pay a % of the sales price back to those owners. Meaning, as this price rises, owners will get more $ back each year for the same generation.

If you already have solar installed, or are thinking or getting it installed, it's not too late to join our Project Helios - just complete our short, no-obligation sign up form here and we'll confirm your eligibility and send you an estimate!

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